Allergy Labels

Posted by   Clark Fraginal

Ensure that your kids are safe from food that gives them allergies with these allergy labels! Stick them on their lunch box, water bottle, or even their IDs so they're visible to adults around your kids.

Allergies can be fatal and we have to be very careful protecting ourselves from allergens. According to, "the only way to prevent allergic reactions is to avoid the foods you (or your child) are allergic to." In our homes, it's easier to protect our kids from the food that they are allergic to because we have control. But what happens when kids are outside the house and you're not around? What happens in playdates or in school?

It's important to inform the adult who'll be in charge of your kids' welfare while you're away. But it never hurts to take that extra step when it comes to protecting your child especially with allergies, by putting labels on your kid's lunchboxes or ID to call the attention of the attending adult to remind them of your kid's condition. This will also make them aware and help them on how to react when your child accidentally ingests food that they are allergic to.


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